Tatiana Apanovitch

Realtor, Toronto, Canada

Over the years I was trying a number of tutors and different schools in Toronto in an attempt to improve my English. I was also making a lot of effort to learn the language on my own. However, I was not pleased with the results at all. It was the most frustrating experience of my life. I was truly down because despite so much effort and motivation on my behalf I was not going anywhere.

I felt my insufficient English skills impeded my professional success and my confidence suffered. I was begging everybody I knew to refer me to a good teacher, but I felt the instruction I was getting was not up to my standard; I was still going nowhere.

Mind you I had been in Canada for 23 years and I was getting by, but I wanted to be able to express myself like an educated native speaker and that what I was looking for.

One day I responded to a small on-line ad and that is how I met Elena. I immediately had a feeling that Elena was providing me with the kind of instruction I was so desperately looking for so many years. Since then I feel I have been making consistent progress in my pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. I started getting compliments how nice and natural I sound in English. My confidence level is up a lot. I feel comfortable and relaxed now and not afraid to approach my English-speaking clients. It is a huge relief for me and helps me make money in the process of my daily work. I wish I had met Elena years ago. It would have saved me a lot of heartache. I am very happy I lucked out to meet Elena.