Anna Konukhova

Clinical researcher, Toronto, Canada

I immigrated to Canada approximately 5 years ago and had an advanced level of English according to my IELTS test. By the time I started my classes with Elena I had been working for a Canadian employer for 3 years and was immersed in the English-speaking environment every day, however I was still struggling with being accepted and sometimes perceived as not professional due to my pronounced Russian accent. It was not easy for me to find a teacher in Toronto who would train me on how to improve me pronunciation and make me sound more natural. I started lessons with Elena and during a 4-month period we were working on improving several sounds that do not exist in the Russian language., but common in English. It was quite hard for me, but Elena made me feel I could do it and finally I feel much more confident with my English pronunciation. Also, Elena added some grammar exercises to our lessons and as a result I was able to improve my knowledge of English grammar. Every lesson was hard work for me because of their intensity and I am proud of the results I achieved. I am really grateful to Elena for her professionalism and guidance.