Sofya Abramova

Key Account Manager Toronto, Canada
I am so grateful to Elena for her patience and help in mastering English. Before I met her I felt like a fish, silent and afraid to speak. I couldn’t speak English at all. Elena gave me the necessary knowledge and confidence. Now I feel much more comfortable and sure with English. Thanks to Elena my English level allows me to fulfill myself professionally in my new country, Canada.

Tatiana Apanovitch

Realtor, Toronto, Canada

Over the years I was trying a number of tutors and different schools in Toronto in an attempt to improve my English. I was also making a lot of effort to learn the language on my own. However, I was not pleased with the results at all. It was the most frustrating experience of my life. I was truly down because despite so much effort and motivation on my behalf I was not going anywhere.

I felt my insufficient English skills impeded my professional success and my confidence suffered. I was begging everybody I knew to refer me to a good teacher, but I felt the instruction I was getting was not up to my standard; I was still going nowhere.

Mind you I had been in Canada for 23 years and I was getting by, but I wanted to be able to express myself like an educated native speaker and that what I was looking for.

One day I responded to a small on-line ad and that is how I met Elena. I immediately had a feeling that Elena was providing me with the kind of instruction I was so desperately looking for so many years. Since then I feel I have been making consistent progress in my pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. I started getting compliments how nice and natural I sound in English. My confidence level is up a lot. I feel comfortable and relaxed now and not afraid to approach my English-speaking clients. It is a huge relief for me and helps me make money in the process of my daily work. I wish I had met Elena years ago. It would have saved me a lot of heartache. I am very happy I lucked out to meet Elena.


Anastasia Shutnikova

Actress, London, Ontario, Canada
After two years of living in Canada I came to Elena with zero knowledge of grammar. Within a short period of time my level of English improved a lot. Elena also helped me work on my pronunciation and achieve good results. This made me more confident speaking English.
The lessons are interesting and well-structured. Elena Is a very responsible and qualified teacher. I am very happy being able to learn from Elena and I highly recommend her as a teacher.


Seneca College student Toronto, Canada
Elena is a great teacher who will help you upgrade your knowledge of English significantly. She specializes in teaching various kinds of English, such as academic, business, professional etc. During the lessons we practiced reading, listening, speaking and writing.
Before you start studying with Elena she assesses your current level and from that on you will be filling the gaps in your English and making further progress. I really recommend Elena if you want to improve your English skills.
Igor Shamuilov_4

Igor Shamuilov

Actor,  Toronto, Canada

Working with Elena has been tremendously helpful to me. I started learning English almost from scratch, so we’ve been working hard on pronunciation, to clarify my speech and reduce my accent. Elena gave me the tools I need to sound more natural and feel confident. She’s always straight to the point and wastes no time.

Thank you


Anna Konukhova

Clinical researcher, Toronto, Canada

I immigrated to Canada approximately 5 years ago and had an advanced level of English according to my IELTS test. By the time I started my classes with Elena I had been working for a Canadian employer for 3 years and was immersed in the English-speaking environment every day, however I was still struggling with being accepted and sometimes perceived as not professional due to my pronounced Russian accent. It was not easy for me to find a teacher in Toronto who would train me on how to improve me pronunciation and make me sound more natural. I started lessons with Elena and during a 4-month period we were working on improving several sounds that do not exist in the Russian language., but common in English. It was quite hard for me, but Elena made me feel I could do it and finally I feel much more confident with my English pronunciation. Also, Elena added some grammar exercises to our lessons and as a result I was able to improve my knowledge of English grammar. Every lesson was hard work for me because of their intensity and I am proud of the results I achieved. I am really grateful to Elena for her professionalism and guidance.


Tatiana Dadonova

Accountant assistant, Seneca College student

Elena is a great teacher!

When I first came to Elena in 2017 my English was really poor. We were focused on building good vocabulary and understanding of English grammar. Also we paid attention to my pronunciation. I feel very confident at my workplace now; since May 2019 I am a college student – my comprehension of English allows me to study in English.

Elena is extremely knowledgeable. She creates the course based on your individual learning needs. All lessons are very productive, but don’t forget to do your part – I mean homework.


Maya Rusetskaya

Business owner

I am writing to say what a wonderful experience I have, studying with Elena. In all my 20 years of life in Canada I have never come across such a wonderful and capable teacher.

After living so many years in Canada I realized in the course of my new business I have to improve my pronunciation to communicate more effectively. Elena was extremely helpful in honing my pronunciation skills and softening my accent. She is not only a highly qualified professional but also has a great personality! I would also like to emphasize the individual approach she employs teaching a variety of her diverse students and making the learning process really enjoyable.

She is a great teacher and tremendous help to me!


Tatyana Yakubova

А recent immigrant to Canada

I have been living in Canada for a few years and was attending an ESL school. However, only when I started studying English with Elena, I summoned up my courage to speak English. English sounds like beautiful music to me!

Having studied under the guidance of such a high class teacher, who worked on the pronunciation of my every sound and word, bolstered my confidence and really empowered me. Due to the solid professional background and profound knowledge Elena possesses, my grammar skills were sorted out and strengthened significantly.

I am extremely grateful to Elena and proud to be her student!


Oxana MalGreen

Lash Artist, Aurora, Ontario

I was originally studying English to get prepared for the Canadian Citizenship test. With Elena’s help I passed CELPIP with flying colors and later on successfully passed the Citizenship test. I am very grateful to Elena for that.
Elena has an individual approach to every student. She is friendly, polite and extremely helpful when it comes to relaying her tremendous knowledge of the English language to her students.
I am very happy that I chose Elena as my English teacher.